DÚO​ ​XISTRA Juan​ ​Cernadas​ & Nerea​ ​Rodríguez Connection of Flute and Accordion

duo xistra.jpg
The Dúo Xistra is an innovative duo in terms of educational background that
presents a classical music program for all audiences through which they embark on a
journey via original compositions and transcribed ones for this chamber music
formation. This original duo aims to start the search of a new vision and sound for the
period from baroque to contemporary.
Their members Juan Cernadas (transverse flute) and Nerea Rodríguez
(accordion), studied together in the Conservatory of Music of Aragón ​(Spain),
receiving classes of important performers such as Cuarteto Quiroga, Kennedy Moretti,
Xelo Giner, Nacho de Paz, André Cebrián, Ángel Luis Castaño, Iñaki Alberdi, among
Juan Cernadas received the first prize in the IV Iberian Chamber Music
Competition​, in addition to playing solo and in orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall
(London), Eduardo del Pueyo Auditorium (Zaragoza), Musikverein (Vienna), Sala
Mozart (Zaragoza) or the National Auditorium (Madrid); he also formed part of
orchestras like Gustav Malher Jugendorchester and European Philharmonic of
Switzerland. He is currently pursuing his studies by receiving classes from leading flute
players in Berlin​, Germany.
Nerea Rodríguez has been awarded a scholarship by the International Music
Festival of Livorno (Italy), also with the 1st prize in the XXXV National Accordion
Contest and invited to festivals such as the International Festival of Accordion of
Kiev or International Festival of Madrid. She is the current accordionist of Vertixe
Sonora​ ​Ensemble​.

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