Alexandre Gallego Medal • and •Gabriel López Rodríguez DUO SCIOLITO




untitled.pngAlexandre Gallego Medal (Pontevedra – Spain, 1983)He finished his saxophone studies in 2008 at A Coruña Conservatory under Narciso Pillo Guerreiro, achieving high marks in his graduation concert and an honors degree in chamber music.
In 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, he furthered his a with a master in music interpretation, specialty in saxophone, at the International University of Andalusia where he took lessons from Claude Delangle, Arno Bornkamp, Vincent David, Eric Devallon, Philippe Lecoq, Johan Van Der Linden and Juan Jiménez. In 2011-2012 he moved to Zaragoza to take a course for postgraduates, organized by Aragón Conservatory, broadening his knowledge under Claude Delangle, Jean Denis Michat, Arno Bornkamp, Antonio Felipe Belijar, Federico Coca and Mariano García.
Over 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 he attended to the Internationial Academy for Saxophone in Braga and Porto, where he kept improving his interpretative and pedagogic levels under the guidance of Jerome Laran, Otis Murphy, Tomás Jerez, Antonio Felipe Belijar, , Marcus Weiss, Arno Bornkamp and Morphing Quartet, to name a few.
He has performed as part of different groups: duo with piano ,saxophone quartet, duo with cello, saxophone ensemble, symphonic band… in important theatres across Galicia (the university hall in A Coruña, Jofre Theatre in Ferrol, Opera Palace in A Coruña, Main Theatre in Pontevedra, Galicia Auditorium in Santiago de Compostela, García Barbón Theatre in Vigo…), Spain (Villa de Madrid Auditorium, Campoamor Theatre, Las Palmas Conservatory), Italy (Montemezzi Auditorium in Verona, Monteverdi Auditorium in Mantova, Giuliari Palace in Verona), Portugal, The Netherlands and Germany.
He has collaborated with the Galician Association of Composers making recordings for radio and television.
He has taken part in important saxophone and music chamber contests both national and international. Among them , an honourable mention in the 2009 Musical Excellence Awards and the top prize in the International Saxophone Competition Adolphe Sax in Castelbuono, Italy in 2017 , performing the Concertino da Camera by J. Ibert with the Castelbuono Classical Orquestra in the finals.
Together with the pianist Gabriel López as part of Duo Sciolto in the Concorso Internazionale di Musica da Camera Salieri Zinetti they were awarded a third prize and the Special Cicerone Music&Art Award in Verona ,Italy in September 2016. In this contest more than 90 groups from all around the globe took partalexandre MEdal duo sciolito.png

Gabriel López Rodríguez
He finished his piano studies at A Coruña Conservatory under Natalia Lamas achieving full marks. He has taken numerous courses in piano technique and interpretation. These include courses given by Domenico Codespoti, Luiz de Moura, Josep Colom, Laszlo Gyimesi, Ricardo Descalzo …
He has played as a soloist together with Gaos Orchestra, performing the Emperor Concerto by Beethoven in A Coruña and Ferrol and with A Coruña Municipal Band performing the Concerto in c major by Leroy Anderson.
He has also premiered works by Juan Durán, D. Cuevas, Fernando Alonso, Rudesindo Soutelo and Fernando V. Arias.
He collaborates with  “Amigos de la Ópera “ Association working with figures of worldwide stature like Thomas Hampson, Daniel Oren, Leo Nucci or Alberto Zedda ,receiving great reviews from them.
During the XVI cycle  of Galician Authors Association he took part in different concerts alongside groups like Hércules Bros and Santa Cecilia Brass Quintet and collaborates with Airas Ensemble and Azahar Ensemble, groups with great impact in the actual world scene.
From this year he’s been appointed as Proffesor of piano in A Coruña Conservatory where he works as well as piano accompanist.

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