Myeongji Choi Piano Awards

Myeongji Choi graduated from the University of Seoul with the degree of Bachelor of
Music, and from the Yonsei University, Bydgoszcz Music Academy with degree of Master.
She is now continuing her studies for Post-degree at the Bydgoszcz Music Academy.
She has participated in several Masterclasses in piano music; with Wu Ying, William Grant
Naboré, Christopher Harding, Christopher Elton, Timothy Jones, Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri,
Ronan O’Hora and Bertrand Giraud.
She played with the Orchestra of University of Seoul in Seoul. She also gave concerts at the
32nd Young Musicians Festival, the Ujung Rising Star Concert Series in Seoul.
She is the winner of several piano competitions, such as the Haneum Music Competition in
Seoul (1st Prize), the Phone Classic Competition in Seoul (1st Prize), the Beethoven Piano
Competition in Seoul (1st Prize), the Global Genius Music Competition (Gold Prize) or the
Golden Classical Music Awards (First Prize).

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