Emilia Szlapa Violinist from Poland Trip To Sarajevo IMKA Grand Prix Concert

Very talented young lady Emilia Szlapa won the 1st Laureate Prize in IMKA Music Competition .(www.internetmusiccompetition.com)

She was invited to perform her winner concert in the Army Concert Hall on the 8th of September 2017 together with two other girls flutist Sofiia Matviienko from Ukraine and Julia Galos Pianist  from Poland .All were competing in the same age group 14-16 year olds and are  incredibly talented and special in their own way.

This was very unique and special experience for all three of them and here Emilia Szlapa share her trip with us on her jurney. Following her dream to become successful in her career and pursue her talent further ,motivated to practice hours and hours every day , in dream of becoming full time PERFORMING ARTIST where masses around the world will be able to here her  magnificent talent on stages of amazing Concert Halls in each piece of the world (big and small countries alike)

We are blessed and happy to have supported her in efforts on realizing her dream career

If IMKA is just a   little part in it all ,with hope to be able to do so much more we will be happy.To be continued…………


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