Shin Bi Pianist South Korea

Shin Bi was born in the South Korea on the 10th of March 1991. Since 2006 he studied in ‘Academic Music College of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory’ with Prof. Igor Goldenberg and Tatiana Nikolayevna. And then he studied in Germany with prof. Sorin Enachescu and Elena Lapitzkaja (Professor of University of Music in Berlin). Now he is currently studying with Pianist Sunghoon Simon Hwang.
Shin Bi won the first prize at the ‘Korea music competition’ and at the Globil competition in South Korea.
Grand prize & “G.Raciti Award also with Special Prize “Masaru Emoto” at the 2015 ‘ Amigdala International Music Competition” in Italy
2nd prize at the 2016 ‘KIPA International Competiton” in South Korea
1st prize at the 2016 ‘Terra degli imperiali International Competiton’ in Italy 

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