James Audet Classical Guitarist from Sydney

James Audet Classical GuitaristJames Audet is a classical guitarist from Sydney, Australia. He developed an interest in the
guitar at the age of 10, and developed his skills throughout his younger schooling. In 2011 he
was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he completed his Bachelor of
Music Performance with Honours. During this degree, he was able to study under the
renowned classical guitarists Guiseppe Zangari, Gregory Pickler, Marco Tamayo and Roger
Lock. In 2015 he auditioned for and was successfully admitted to the degree of Masters of
Classical Guitar at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, where he is currently completing
his second year of studies under professor Marco Tamayo.
James has had an active performance career across Sydney for a number of years, performing
both solo repertoire and as a member of the Carmen Guitar Trio, comprised of himself and
two fellow Sydney Conservatorium guitarists. He participated in the Sydney Baroque Music
Festival in 2014, performing on the baroque guitar, and in the same year was awarded a
highly-commended certificate in the Sydney Eisteddfod classical guitar competition. He has
had experience in numerous chamber music settings including guitar duet and trio, guitar and
flute, guitar and cello, and performing as part of a baroque chamber orchestra.
In Salzburg, he has performed numerous concerts at the Mozarteum in both chamber and solo
settings, and in 2016 he was admitted to the semi-finals of the San Remo international guitar
competition in Italy. Across Europe he has partaken in numerous masterclasses with
professors such as Alvaro Pierri, Marcin Dylla, Paul Galbraith, William Kanengiser, Dale
Kavanagh, and many others.
Upon completion of his masters he intends to continue his studies at the Mozarteum, pursue
further competitions across Europe and establish a career as a concert classical guitarsist.

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