Adnan Ahmedić and Darko Hrgić Concert for Two Guitars in Belgrades Kolarac on 22nd of October 2017 at 11 am

adnan_ahmedic_kolaraceva_zaduzbina_duo_gitara.jpgKolarčeva Zadužbina

Belgrade Serbia

22 October 2017

11 h

Lobos- Prelude n.1
Carlevaro – Preludios Americanos No 3 Campo
Dyens – Tango en Skai
Ennio Moricone- Chi Mai
Mikis Theodorakis-  Epitafios for Guitar :Epitafios  No 4 and No 5
Osvaldo Farrés- Quizas Quizas Quizas
Dilermando Reis- Xodo Da Baiana

Various Authors: Argentinan popular music (vidalita, zamba, milonga, malambo)



Celso Machado: 5 duos por violao (modinha, marchinha de carnaval, Boiaozinho, chorinho en la mineur, sambinha) 

darko hrgic


Darko Hrgić
born in 1987, the first musical steps are made under the mentorship of prof. Mile Rakanović.In Sarajevo, he finishes elementary music school (guitar, accordion), secondary music school (guitar, TPO) and music academy (TPO)
She enrolled at the Music Academy in 2008 at the music academy and under the mentorship of Blanka Bogunović (Psychology of Music) and at the Faculty of Philosophy under the mentorship of Mirjana Mavrak (Pedagogy). In 2012, she enrolled in a guitar program at the Music Academy in East Sarajevo, where she mastered music education under the direction of Goran Krivokapić, Jania Shehua and Vojislav Ivanovic. He works in O.M.B.Š “Novo Sarajevo”, where with his students he has won notable results at national and international competitions. Great attention is devoted to the improvement of pedagogical work as an active and passive participant in the workshops of the world’s leading guitar master.
He was a member of the jury at solo guitar competitions, choices for the children’s song of the year and competitions of vocal instrumental compositions of popular music. In addition to classical music, he is actively involved in the nurturing of other musical genres, working with many compositions and performers while playing bass, piano, saz and solo or backing vocals. He is also active as composer and arranger.

adnan ahmedic klasicna gitara


Adnan Ahmedić is a classical guitarist born in 1975 in Sarajevo, with an exceptionally sophisticated approach to music. His playing is a combination of virtuosity and delicate sound. He is particularly prominent in his conceptual artistic vision and musical originality of the performance of classical music. His repertoire is a fantastic mix of opera, pieces specially written for voice and guitar, Latin American music, Nueva Cancion of Mediterranean Fusion, film music, and guitar and violoncello, harp and orchestra works, many of which are rarely performed anywhere else in the world anybody else. Adnan Ahmedic makes every note equal, he enchants the audience with his presence on stage. The first musical steps began with Ivan Kalcin, an eminent guitarist and pedagogue who in the seventies was one of the best guitarists in the former Yugoslavia. He graduated in the field of music and a professor of classical guitar at the Prayner Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna, Austria. Adnan performs throughout Europe and America, appears as a soloist with many chamber and symphony orchestras. He has now released three albums “Solo & Chamber” in the edition “Sarajevodiska” and “Mediterranean Fusion”, “Fiesta”. These are CDs of various musical styles, whose compositions include a wider time opus – from Baroque music to 20th century music.


Kolarac / Ilija M Kolarac Foundation
22 October 2017
11  h
Entrance Free of Charge
Concert Series: Sunday Chamber Music Concerts




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