Giovanni Federico Genna Pianist from Italy

Giovanni Federico Genna began studying piano under his father’s guidance, he is currently attending the Lucio Campiani music conservatory in Mantua under the guidance of M • Salvatore Spanò and the Accademia del Ridotto in Stradella under the guidance of           M • Andrzej Jasinski, held masterclasses with well-known professors including Francisco Martinez teacher of the Canary Conservatory in Spain on Albeniz, winner of national and international competitions including for example the scholarship Charles Haimoff solo piano section conferred to the best student of the same institution, 2nd award at the Acerbi International Pianocompetition, 1st prize at the Virtuoso grand prize “Salzburg”, 1st prize at the Golden Classic Music Award in New York and the 1st prize at the IMKA (Sarajevo) International music competition performed at the Monteverdi Auditorium of the “Lucio Campiani” conservatory “Of Mantua, Teatro Verdi di Curtatone, Teatro Salieri di Legnago, Mozarteum of Salzburg and at Carnegie Hall in New York.Giovanni Federico Genna

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