Victor Balaguer Classical guitarist from Netherlands

Victor Balaguer composes original guitar material  that is inspired by traditional Classical Spanish music, Flamenco, Jazz and many different contemporary music styles. But most of the melodies surface naturally without leaning to any one particular style. 
Victor grew up in the Netherlands as a sun to German/Spanish parents.
victor balaugerclassical guitarist.jpgHe started taking Classical Guitar lessons at the age of 9. At the age of thirteen he started playing and improvising on blues and rock guitar and was soon to quit playing Classical Guitar. Around the age of twenty-three he started to learn to improvise to different styles on the Gipsy Jazz guitar. Victor then finally felt compelled to remaster Spanish Guitar for more virtuous right-handed finger style play and also started to create music more freely. He has since the created many  new guitar-pieces which are now being recorded for his new official album release. 


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