Boris Bikov Pianist

Boris Mitkov Bikov-piano,Boris Bikov-3.JPG

born 12.07.2004 in the city of Plovdiv, the Republic of Bulgaria,
student from the 7th grade in the "Dobrin Petkov" School of Fine Arts – Plovdiv,

from the Svetlana Koseva’s piano class
Achievements of Boris as a musician-pianist until now:
In 2018:
– First Prize and Certificate No. 186.100 – First Degree at the International Web
Arts Contest 2017-2018 – Play, organized by Festival & Contest. The certificate
allows free participation in the International Multi-genre Festival – Italian Break
Competition in March 2018, held in Remi, Italy, and free participation in the Open
International Auditions International Contest for Artists in September 2018, taking
place in the Republic of San Marino.
– Second Prize from "National Competition for Young Pianists STELLA
OSLEKOVA" – Plovdiv, 11.01.2018г.

In 2017:
– On December 8, he participated in a piano concert at the "Balabanovata kashta",
"The Old Town" – Plovdiv on the occasion of the Christmas celebrations "Light
and Hope" as a laureate of the 6th piano piano contest "Schumann Brahms" –
Plovdiv, 2017
– On November 24, 2017, Boris performed Part One of "Concerto for piano and
orchestra in la Minor" by Edvard Grig as soloist of the State Symphony Orchestra
of Shumen, under the command of maestro Slavov Dimitrov. The Concert
"Laureates from V National Piano Competition" Mila Mihaylova "took place in the
Municipal concert hall" Prof. Veneta Vicheva "in the town of Shumen.
– First prize at the Sixth Piano Competition "SHUMAN – BRAMS", Plovdiv, 1-3
November 2017
– Special Prize "Rositsa Ivancheva" for High Professionalism in "Sixth Piano
Competition" SHUMAN – BRAMS, Plovdiv, 1-3 November 2017

– First Prize – Piano Section – International Music Competition "Grand Prize
Virtuoso", online -Vienna (Austria), September. At the invitation of the organizers,
he participated in the concert and at the awards ceremony on 22.09.2017. in
Vienna, Musikverein, Gläserner Saal. The competition includes many musicians
from 24 countries.
– First prize at the 21st International Youth Musical Competition "Hopes, Talents,
Masters" – Dobrich / 4-8 September / 2017, assessed by the President of the
International Jury – Prof. Viktor Chuchkov / piano / and members: Fausto di
Cesare / piano / from Rome-Italy, Kremena Acheva (Flute), Assoc. Prof. Ognian
Konstantinov (viol) and maestro Yordan Dafov. The competition took place in the
Neli Bozhkova Mirror Hall in Dobrich, Mayor Dr. Emilia Baeva, daughter of
Maestro Dafov – Assoc. Prof. Anna-Maria Dafova from the University of Arts in
the German city of Essen Senior participants, journalists and guests.
– First prize of the 5th International Music Competition "Orpheus’s heirs", held in
Albena Resort, Bulgaria, in the period August 31 – September 08, 2017. The
competition featured 64 participants in different age categories. Representatives
from 15 countries – Bulgaria, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Georgia, South
Korea, Austria, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Latvia, the Netherlands, and
others – were present. Chairman of the international jury was Prof. Tomislav
Nedelkovich-Bainov – Germany / piano / and members of Prof. Tamara
Poddubnaya – USA / piano /, conductor Stanislav Ushev and other well-known and
famous musicians from Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada and others.
In the framework of the competition master classes were held with Prof.
Tomislav Nedelkovich-Bainov – Germany / piano / and Prof. Tamara Poddubnaya
– USA / piano / in which he took an active part.
– Second place in the "Young" category, category "D" at the 7th Milan
International Piano Competition "PianoTalents", held from 30 May to 4 June 2017.
in Italy, Serbia, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, Albania, Japan, Poland, Russia
and Ukraine.
The jury consisted of: President Svetlana Eganian (France-Armenia),
Vincenzo Balzani (Italy), Vsevolod Dorkin (Russia), Aki Kuroda (Japan), Philippe
Raskin (Belgium) and PianoTalents President Catia Iglesias . Participants 125 from
over 21 countries.

– Second place among 93 competitors at level C / 12-14 years / from the
prestigious international music competition online for eMuse classical music. The
results were announced on 1 May 2017.
– GOLDEN KEY – first place "International French Competition for Pianists,
Violinists, etc." The Golden Key ", which took place on 23.04.2017. in the "Dobrin
Petkov" School of Fine Arts – Plovdiv. The competition is from the calendar of the
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France and has a 30-year history, and this is
its third edition in Bulgaria. As the "Golden Key", there are 12 countries, including
France, Israel, Morocco and other countries. Annually, about 1,500 children from
around the world participate in the competition.
– First Prize at the International Music Competition "Grand Prize Virtuoso",
London (UK). At the invitation of the organizers, he was one of the participants in
the concert and at the awards ceremony on 04.04.2017. in London, Royal Albert
Hall. Competitors represent 31 states.
In 2016:
– First Special Prize in the category "Young Talents" (Age group – up to 14 years) –
"IX International Piano Competition" Simon Delber-Février ", Nice, France – 24 –
29 October 2016. The competition is organized with the support of the "City
Council" of the city of Nice and the "Regional Council" of the department of Alpe
Maritime, the Provence-Alpes- Cote d’Azur region and in partnership with the
National Conservatory in Nice. Second and third prizes were not awarded.
– Second prize (Category A, Second age group – up to 15 years old) – 5-th National
Competition for Pianists "Mila Mihaylova", Varna, Bulgaria, 29 – 31 October
2016. The competition is in the calendar of the Ministry of Culture.
– Award of the Conductor Stanislav Ushev and State Symphony Orchestra –
Shoumen – concert with the orchestra – "5-th National Military Prize Competition"
Mila Mihaylova ", Varna, Bulgaria, 29 – 31 October 2016. By the end of 2017. a
concert with the Shoumen Philharmonic, where Boris will be a soloist and will
play from Grig – "Concerto for piano and orchestra".
– First Prize (Category Debutant D3) – "13th International Piano Competition"
Nikolay Rubinstein "", Paris, France, 17-23 April 2016.
– First-First Prize (Second age group – up to 13 years) at the XIV International
Competition for Young Pianists, Nis, Serbia, March 31 – April 3, 2016.

Participation in master classes: Prof. Viktor Chuchkov / AMU "Prof. Pancho
Vladigerov "- Sofia, Prof. Dr. Atanas Kurtev (National Technical University of
Sofia), Anna Petrova /" Houston Central University ", USA / Prof. Tatyana
Levitina / Russia / at Summer Academy "The Fire of Orpheus".
In 2015-2014- 2013:
– Second prize at the French Golden Key Competition – May 2015
– Second prize at the national competition for pianists Schumann-Brahms- Plovdiv-
November 2014
Participation in master classes: Prof. Dr. Atanas Kurtev (Prof. Pancho Vladigerov –
National Academy of Music), Prof. Milena Mollova ("NEW BULGARIAN
UNIVERSITY" – Sofia), Stefka Perifanova (Switzerland).
He plays in the Regional History Museum – Plovdiv; Balabanov’s House, Old
Town – Plovdiv; Trakart Cultural Center – Plovdiv; Balabanov’s House, Old Town
– Plovdiv; open scene in the Trap.
He has participated in concerts of "Dobrin Petkov" NUMT – Plovdiv, both on the
territory of the school and in music mats in the bookstore "Helikon" – Plovdiv.
From September 2013 is a student at the "Dobrin Petkov" School of Music –
Plovdiv, from the Svetlana Koseva’s piano class.
In September 2009 he starts attending the Daniela Kostova’s piano school,
Plovdiv. Tat this time Boris Bikov is five years old. His first appearances were
predominantly on Plovdiv’s stages: "Regional History Museum" – Plovdiv;
"Balabanov’s House" in the "Old Town" – Plovdiv; cultural center "Trakart" –

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