Arina Serebrennikova Kazahstan Flute Kids Prodigy

Arina Serebrennikova age 9, was born in Karaganda City (The Republic of Kazakhstan) and has been taking blockflute lessons since the age of six. Currently, she is in the third grade at the Special Music School at Kazakh National University of Arts (Astana City) where she has been studying flute with Nina Grigoryeva since first grade.             In 2018 Arina passed the qualifying test for participation in the VII International Wind and Percussion Competition named after Yu.N. Dolzhikov in Moscow.            In 2017 Arina was awarded the Second Prize of the «Astana-Merey» International Competition (Astana city) in the younger age group.            Arina performs a lot in various concerts as a soloist and in the ensemble “Magic Flute Mix”.            Apart from devoting her time to flute practice and performances, Arina also takes piano lessons, swims, learns English, likes to read and draw. At school she studies perfectly in all subjects of the curriculum.Serebrennikova Arina.JPG

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