Ayasa Nagano

Ayasa Nagano.jpg

Started the Violin at the age of 8 and went through the Toho Music High School,the Toho Music College.The Kyushu Music Competition Grand Prix,the Japan Students Music Competition’s winner and more.

Now performing the Duo Recital and the Piano Trio Recital few times a month in All Japan.

And performing with a street performer of French few times a week in stations and many big events.Perfomed with it so far at the Tokyo Disney Land,the Super Arena of Saitama and the Tokyo Tower.

Appeared as the ” Impromptu Creator Violinist” on the TBS TV,the TV Asahi and the FM Radio in great numbers.

Released sound sources on Music Label of New York.

Recent years,talking my episode and message for everyone in many concerts at the facility for the handicapped because a devemental disorders person.

Jury for International Artist Association.

Regular member of Classical Music Peformance Association.

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