Mad MultiSound

mad multisound.jpg
A surprising “instrumentarium”: piano,percussions, clarinet and voice.
And on top of this, peculiar instruments that no one would ever imagine seeing
on a stage (everyday objects such as a glass bottle, cellotape, etc…)
Cynthia Hagelstein got her master’s degree in piano and her bachelor’s degree in singing
at the Academy of Arts (Belgium) in 2016. Claudio got his master’s degree in percussions
at the University of Minho (Portugal) in 2018. Cynthia and Claudio met during an
Erasmus stay in Belgium in 2015, when they got to perform together “Tierkreis”, a piece
by Stockhausen. They soon decided to create Mad Multisound, their own duet, and played the piece many times again in several music contests.
In 2016, Mad Multisound took part in the Chamber Music Festival at the Musical Abbey
in Malonne (Belgium). In 2018, they took part at the “Festival Courants d’airs” in
In the future, Mad Multisound would love to create their own arrangements made of
classical and contemporary music, world music and improvisation. Their idea is to
promote a new approach of contemporary music while respecting their own
innovativeness, creativity and improvisation skills


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