Qiao Liu Pianist

Qiao Liu Pianist.jpgChinese-born pianist, Qiao Liu, began her piano studies at the age of four,
during which she showed an immense talent. Her prizes and awards
include first prizes in the Rondo Young Artist Competition, Golden
Classical International Piano Competition, eMuse International Music
Competition. Her has also been awarded top prizes at the Bradshaw &
Buono International Piano Competition, Pittsburgh International Piano
Competition, Asian TOYAMA Cup Piano Competition, Xinghai Cup
National Youth Piano Competition, and Shenyin Cup Piano Competition.
During the course of her career, she has been the featured classical soloist
and chamber musician at various venues in the United State and Asian.
Making her solo debut at age eleven, she studied at the Shenyang
Conservatory of Music and obtained Master of Music degree at the
Mannes School of Music, as a student of Victor Rosenbaum and Audrey
Axinn. She continues to study at the Manhattan School of Music as she
pursues her Professional Studies degree.

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