Gianni Bicchierini Pianist from Italy

Gianni Bicchierini.jpg
Born in 1988, he began studying piano at the age of six. After obtaining the piano diploma in 2006
with the highest grades from the La Spezia Conservatory in 2006, he was admitted to the
prestigious International Pianistic Academy “Incontri col Maestro” in Imola, where he studied with
maestro Piero Rattalino and was awarded the diploma in “Alto Perfezionamento Pianistico”. In
2012 he completed the Second Level Academic Diploma at “L. Boccherini” Conservatory in Lucca
under the tutorage of Maestro Carlo Palese, receiving the highest marks with honours. He attended
masterclasses with Franco Scala, Michel Dalberto, Riccardo Risaliti, Konstantin Bogino, Alexander
Lonquich, Olga Zdorenko, Daniel Rivera, Stefano Fiuzzi, Gabriele Baldocci. Some of the venues
where he performed include the Giuseppe Verdi Theatre in Pisa, the Russian Center of Art and
Culture in Rome, the “Rondeau Musicale” in Bruxelles, the San Girolamo Theatre in Lucca, the
Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie in Livorno, the Austrian Embassy in Rome, the Teatro Nuovo in La
Spezia, and the Olimpia Theatre in Vecchiano. The musical association “Dino Ciani” repeatedly
invited him to perform in Venice and Stresa, and awarded him a special recognition for pianistic
excellence. He has taken part in the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana in Rimini, as well as the nationally
televised “Tutto Chopin” concert series at the “Fondazione Cariplo” Auditorium in Milan. He was
part of the “Amiata Piano Festival”, the “Bolgheri Melody Festival”, the “Città di Lucca” chamber
music festival, the 2016 edition of “SuonaRoma”, the “Villa Borghese Pianoday” in Rome, the 2017
and 2018 editions of “Imola Summer Piano”. He played at the opening concerts of the First
Windsor Piano Competition, England, where he was part of the jury too. He has been invited in
Argentina to perform at the “Auditorim Adriana Bonoldi” in Mendoza, at the “Espacio Cultural
Universitario” in Rosario, as well to perform in concert and to teach in music masterclass at the
“Universidad de Arte y Diseño” of Mendoza. Recently he has benn invited to the National Music
Academy in Kiev to play with the academic orchesta. He recorded for Tactus the unpublished
“Concertone a piena orchestra e pianoforte” by the italian composer Marianna Bottini.

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