Dalbergia Duo (Anna Rutkowska & Julianna Siedler Smuga)

46039355_2218347265121088_5449116306555011072_o.jpg is a unique female marimba/percussion duo from Poland, performing various music written for two marimbas/percussion sets. They perform pieces already written by great composers of classical, film and contemporary music. Moreover they cooperate with composers form around the globe who also write pieces specially for duo. In Dalbergia Duo repertoire one can find performative compositions with audio and visual layers, and one of them is a piece by Dutch composer Giel Vleggar “Come here often”. In 2017 both artists obtained the Doctors of Musical Arts degree.

Their Polish repertoire includes  pieces written by: Marta Ptaszyńska, Marcin Błażewicz, Bartosz Kowalski, Nina Fukuoka, Artur Zagajewski, Marta Śniady, Kuba Krzewiński, Piotr Peszat and the others.
Just in 2019 they had opportunity to perform four world premiere works from five pieces dedicated to us: Piotr Peszat – “Comforting music” for two marimbas and video, Artur Zagajewski – “solide – chanson” for two marimbas, Kuba Krzewiński – “AdM-Room” for one marimba, two performers and two objects, Radosław Mateja – “Pętle na dwie marimby” (Loops for 2 marimbas), as well as Marta Śniady – “in the pink” for two prepared marimbas, video and audio playback.

In April 2018 Dalbergia won 1st Prize on International Master Competition for Music Teachers and obtained recommendation from Polish Music Foundation for outstanding inerpretation of Polish works and in December 2018 they won 2nd Prize on International North Music Competition in Sweden (Stockholm) – chamber music category.

So far Dalbergia Duo have performed in Poland (Musica Moderna Festival) and Spain (Agora Actual Percussio), Lithuania (Doctors in Performance) and Belgium. They had opportunity to be a part of Inter alia:  XII International Percussion Music Festival “Sources and Inspirations” in Cracow (PL), 14th “Mózg International Contemporary Music and Visual Arts Festival” in Bydgoszcz (PL), “Poznan Music Spring” Festival in Poznan (PL).



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