Nicolò Gatti

nıcolo gati———-

Nicolò Gatti, was born in 1996. In 2018 he graduated with full marks with honors in classic saxophone at the Conservatory “N. Paganini” in Genoa (Italy) in the classroom held by Prof. Luigi Gallo.

He has attended music workshops held by Prof. Seung-dong Lee (conductor of Korea Saxophone Ensemble, Teacher at the Yonsei University of Seoul) and Preston Duncan (currently teaches saxophone at the University of Minnesota).

He has won many prestigious first prizes in national and international music competitions in chamber music sections (International Music Competition “Città di Alessandria” – 1° absolute prize, National Music Competition “Riviera Etrusca” – 1° prize, XXIII Music Competition “Città di Giussano (MI)”, International Music Competition “Città di Moncalieri (TO)”).

He has played in Chamber concerts in collaboration with GOG “Giovine Orchestra Genovese”, “Carlo Felice” theater in Genoa and concerts organized by the municipality of Genoa.

Is founder and member of Genos Saxophone Quartet (from march 2017).

From February 2016 he is the teacher of Saxophone classroom in philharmonic wind orchestra “Marco Chiusamonti” in Genoa.nıcolo gati.JPG

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