Alexandro Garcia

Alexandro Garcia.jpg

Alexandro was born at Murcia (Spain) September 2007. He started playing French Horn at six years of age, playing his First Recital only 7 months later. He won his First National Price in Spain being 7 years in a competition being up to 18 years of age.
He participated in different Masterclass with some National and International F.Horn Soloists,at the same time he became part of differents Junior Orchestras and Music Bands, playing sometimes as Solist. Two years ago he started practissing Natural Horn aswell and up today he got over 30 Prices in Spain, Europe (England,Berlin,Salzburg,Vienne,Brussels,Roma.. and 1 in U.S.A with both Horns. Actually studies at Orihuela (Alicante) Conservatorium under the control of Mr. Antonio Pujol.

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