Kamil Janas

kamil foto

Kamil Janas began studying the clarinet at the age of eleven. He is a second year student The Katowice Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music, in the clarinet class of professor ArkadiuszAdamski, and in the University of Ostrava in Karel Dohnals class.


As a master class participant, Kamil has been improving his skills under the guidance of a number of foremost Polish and international clarinettists, among whom are Francois Benda,  Jorge Montilla, Shirley Brill,  FlorentHeau, Karel Dohnal, Charles Neidich, Igor Frantisak, Paul Meyer, Stephan Vermeersch, Giovanni Punzi..


He got a position as a Calarinetist in Slezwig Holstein Sympony Orchestra in 2019. Currently he is an accademist in Prague Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.


As a soloist he performed with orchestras such as ZielonaGóra Symphony Orchestra, InterCamerata Orchestra, Deutsch-PolnischesJugendorchester.


He was clarinetist in International Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra, Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra, Young Polish Philharmonic, Deutsch-PolnischesJugendorchester, Polish Youth Symphony Orchestra, Santander Orchestra,World Orchestra, National Polish Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Aukso, SymfoniettaCracovia, Lepopldinium Orchestra, ZielonaGóra Symphony Orchestra, Rybnik Symphony Orchestra.


He was playing as a young artist solist  in Festival Clarimania 2015, Clarinet Days In Prague 2015.


He was laureate over 30 competitions in Poland, Slowenia, Serbia and Czech Republic. For example 2 prize in The 6th West Pomeranian Clarinet Festival 2014 , Special Award in Young Clarinet Competition in IV European  Clarinet Congress, 3 prize in The 7th West Pomeranian Clarinet Festival 2016, 1 prize in Probohemian Wind Instruments Competition 2017, 1 prize and and Special Award  in Finalis Wind Instrument. 1 prize in Belgrad Music Competiton 2019 1 prize in Competiton in Katowice 2019.


He is also a beneficiary of scholarships including: Lutoslawski Youth Orchestra Schoolarship,  Young Polish Philharmonic Scholarship, City ZielonaGóra Scholarship,  The Katowice Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music Scholarship for the best students.

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