Daniel Stang

Daniel Stang  

At the age of four, Daniel started piano lessons with Tatjana  

Worm-Sawosskaya in the piano studio for talented children  

in Schwetzingen, Germany. In 2019, Mr. Sergey Korolev  

took over the lessons.  

Since the age of ten, Daniel has been studying parallel with  

Prof. Leonel Morales as part of the Pre-College Program in 

the “High Performance Center” at the University of Alfonso  

X El Sabio, Madrid / Spain. 

He receives Theory and Harmony lessons from Mr. Kyrill  

Korsunenko and Dr. Miriam Weiss.  

He already had Masterclasses with Prof. Sontraud Speidel, Prof. Fabio Witkowski, Prof.  Lev Natochenny, Prof. Franck Fernández and Prof. Leonel Morales.  

Daniel has achieved many Prizes at National as well as International Piano Competitions  in the past years.

Prizes Year 2020 

National : 1. Prize with forwarding to the state competition in the “57th Regional  Competition of Youth Musicians” in Mannheim, Germany.  


1. Prize in the International Music Competition „Grand Prize Virtuoso” in Paris,  1. Prize in the International Music Competition „Grand Prize Virtuoso” in London,  1. Place in the International Music Competition „Little Mozart” New York 1. Prize in the „5th North International Music Competition“, Stockholm  1. Prize in the International Music Competition „Grand Prize Virtuoso” in Salzburg 1. Prize in the „Malta International Music Competition“ in La Valletta  

1. Prize in the „Golden Classical Music Award“ International Competition, New York 1. Prize in the „London Young Musician International Competition Award“, London  1. Prize in the International Music Competition „Grand Prize Virtuoso” in Bonn 

2nd Prizes  

• The „International Music Talents 2020″, Limburg an der Lahn, Germany • „IMKA International Internet Music Competition“ in Sarajevo, Bosnia  Hergezegovina  

• „Propiano International Piano Competition” in Barcelona, Spain 

• „Quebec International Music Competition”, in Canada 

• „The Muse“ International Music Competition in Athens, Greece 

• „V Odin International Music Competition“, Tallinn, Estonia 

3rd Prizes  

• International Piano Festival „Clavis St. Petersburg“, Russia  

• International Piano Festival „Clavis Bavaria“, Munich, Germany 

• „Quebec International Music Competition”, in Canada,  

Special Prizes  

• „Elena Cobb Star Prize“ at the Piano Festival Clavis Bavaria, Munich • „For the best interpretation of the music of modern Russian composers“  at the Piano Festival Clavis Bavaria, Munich, Germany 

• „The Most Distinguished Performance Award“ at the Conero International  Piano Festival and Competiotion, Recanati, Italy 

• „Debussy Rêverie Prize“ at the Conero International Piano Festival and  Competition, Recanati, Italy 

Concerts and Festival 

He had played on different stages in different countries such as the Czech Republic  (Brno), Austria, Salzburg (Wiener Saal Mozarteum), Spain including Madrid (Shigeru  Kawai Center, Auditorio del Conservatorio de Joaquin Turina) and Granada (Auditorio Medina Elvira de Atarfe, Auditorio de la Caja Rural) as well as in Germany  (Palais Hirsch in Schwetzingen, Schloss Philippsruhe in Hanau, Musen Tempel in  Karlsruhe, Ernst-Toch-Saal in Mannheim, Culture Center „English Church“ in Bad  Homburg, Evangelical Community Centre in St. Georgen in The Black Forrest,  Rudolf-Wild-Halle in Eppelheim, Max-Plank-Haus in Heidelberg, Auditorium at the  Music School in Ellwangen He also took part in Concerts at the „Festival de Piano de Leonel Morales“ in  Granada, Spain Forum Semana Santa“ in Madrid, Spain Talk to the Movie  Premiere „1250 Years of Schwetzingen“ in Schwetzingen, Germany „Lev  Natochenny Piano Festival“ in Bad Homburg, Germany „ARSDOCTA  International Music Festival Concert de Jeunes Artistes“ in Orléans, France  „Conero International Piano Festival and Competition“, Recanati, Italy, Festival  „Earth for Children“ in St. Petresburg, Russia

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