Charlize Kon Xuan Chyi Guzheng

Charlize,14 years old from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Attending Lammanns Music Gallery, teach and guided by Mr. Ong Keng Choan. Attracted by the sound of Guzheng at 10 during the school orientation for grade 1 student. The journey starts with amazing feeling playing Guzheng. Guzheng is not common in Malaysia, it is a fascinating instrument. Practicing everyday is also a must to master it.      Bronze Award in 2017 NANFENG International Music Competition. Silver Award in 2018 NANFENG International Music Competition. Performed at 2020 ShaoEr Guzheng Special Concert, solo and group. 1st Price Award in IMKA Music Competition in 2021.
There are always ups and downs in this journey. Never knowing that I could walk down this rough path, looking forward for more archivement.

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