Wong Jie Ling Piano

My name is Wong Jie Ling,born on 6 March 2004 in Malaysia.I have been learning piano since I was 10 years old. Why did I learn so late? Actually, the first instrument that I learn is violin at 7 years old.My dad did not allow me to learn the piano when I was 6 years old. It is because he thought that I’ll give up easily and the piano he bought will be wasted. This instrument overhead was very big and the size same too. Because of my obsession, my dad finally allow me to learn the piano when I was 10 years old.After 1 year ago,I started to learn another instrument called guzheng because the sound was so attracting to me. My dad started to be worried again. But I promise to my dad I will not give up any instrument. Until now, I achieve good results on the instruments that I learn. I get many rewards like Guzheng-2018 Nanfeng International Music Competition-Silver Award
                2019 Nanfeng International Music Competition-Gold AwardPiano-2020 Shanghai International Piano Competition-Gold Award
Actually, this is the second time I participate in the competition.The 3 days before the deadline I was very tired because I had to wake up at 330am. This time was the best to record the piano video because it was very quiet,everybody was sleeping.When i received the result,i was so glad and excited because I know my work hard has paid.Thank you IMKA Music Competition for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to my family members and friends for giving me support. Thank you my pretty teacher Ms Hui for teaching and encouraging me. She is a good teacher and always be patient when teaching me.

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