Oliwia Wrzeszcz Piano Talent

OliwiaWrzeszcz was born in 2009 in Szczecin , Poland

She is an absolvent of  Music School named MarkaJasińskiego in Szczecin, Poland

She also does ballet for 7 years now.


XVII School Piano Competition  in Szczecin, Poland„ A little virtuoso” – she got a distinction


XVII School Piano Competition  inKoobrzeg, Poland„ Meetin withthe piano” – she got 3 rd place


VIthRegional  Piano Competition  in Szczecin, Poland– she got 3 rd place


XInregional School Piano Competition  inPyrzyce, Poland„ Dance through ages “– she got 2nd place and 1 sth place for the best performance .


IIndZachodniopomorski School Piano Competition  inSzczecin, Poland – she got 2nd place and a gold diploma


IMKA  Piano Competition  in Sarajewo, Bosnia and Hercegovina – she got 1 st place

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