Anna Kierzynkowska Violin Talent

Anna Kierzynkowska is a young violinist born on 15 August 2004 in Szczecin, Poland.She started her violin education at the age of 8 in the Music School in Goleniow (north- west Poland) under the direction of professor Pawel Tarala.For two years she was studying under the direction of professor Izabela Gubanska at the Mieczyslaw Karlowicz Poznan General Secondary Music School. In 2019 she has started her education at the “School of Talents” Jadwiga Kaliszewska General Secondary Music School in Poznan under the direction of professor Jan Romanowski and professor Maria Murawa-Fraska. Currently, she is a student of the 4th grade under the eye of the professor Maria Murawa-Fraska.Anna, as an outstanding solist has taken part in countless amounts of music competitions such as:• 1st place – INTERNATIONAL INTERNET MUSICCOMPETITION “IMKA” – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina(2021)• 2nd place – INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION –Belgrade, Serbia (2021)• Honourable mention – FORTE Festival – Poznan, Poland (2020)• Honourable mention – International Instrumental Festival „Inthe Baroque Style” – Poznan, Poland (2020)• 1st place – INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION –Belgrade, Serbia (2019)• 3rd prize – 18th International Violin Competition “JankoMuzykant” – Sochaczew, Poland (2019)• Honourable mention – International Strings instrumentsCompetition – Elblag, Poland (2019)• Honourable mention – 3rd National Competition „Violin Talents2019” – Poznan, Poland (2019)• 3rd prize – 2nd National Competition “Violin Talents 2018” -Poznan, Poland (2018)• 3rd prize – VII National Sonata Competition – Szczecin, Poland(2018) • Honourable mention – Jadwiga Kaliszewska 3rd National Violin Competition – Poznan, Poland (2018)• 4th prize – 1st National Competition “Violin Talents 2017” – Poznan, Poland (2017)• 3rd prize – Intervoivodeship Violin Competition in Pyrzyce, Poland – (2016)• 3rd prize – Intervoivodeship Violin Competition in Pyrzyce – (2015)• 1st prize – National Violin Miniature Competition – Warsaw, Poland (2014)• 3rd prize – Musical Presentations of Young Violinists – Bystrzyca Klodzka, Poland (2014)• 3rd prize – IV Polish National Violin Competition in Warsaw “Oscar Rieding Master of Children’s Literature” – Warsaw, Poland (2013)• 1st prize – Intervoivodeship Violin Competition – Pyrzyce, Poland (2013)In years 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2020 she became a laureate of the artistic scholarship of the Mayor of the commune and town Goleniow. In years 2013, 2014, 2018 she received scholarships for the outstanding achievements of Staroste in Goleniow.As an active violinist she gave enourmous numbers of concerts in Poland. She was a participant of laureates’ concerts. She was playing during the Concert of Scholarship Holders in her home town. She has given concerts both solo and in orchestra in many places such as the Ballroom of the Castle in Lancut, Tadeusz Szeligowski Philharmonic Hall in Poznan, Aula Nova in Poznan, Jasmine Palace in Batorowo.She was a multiple participant of many national and international solo and orchestral courses such as: MASTER MUSIC COURSE by Jan Romanowski, Zenon Brzewski International Music Courses in Łancut, Winter Music Academy in the Luslawice Centre, the International Master Course in BaloszyceShe improves her violin skills at music workshops and instrumental courses with outstanding teachers such as professors: Agata Szymczewska, Marcin Baranowski, Antoni Cofalik, Michael Vaiman, Karina Gidaszewska, Andrzej Gębski, Monika Urbaniak-Lisik, Katarzyna Duda, Marek Szwarc, Simon Cartledge, Dorota Sosnowska, Walentyna Jakubowska, Jan Romanowski, Janusz Purzycki, Marko Komonko and Witold KolasinskiIn her free time, Anna sings jazz, soul, r&b and other genres. She also learns how to play jazz violin, guitar, drums and piano. She is a member of the jazz band at her school.

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