Azra Rustempašić Violin

My name is Azra (1999). When I heard a symphony orchestra on television for the first time,
I knew I wanted to play the violin. I started taking violin lessons when I was seven years old.
Since 2016 I have been studying with Veselina Manikova at the Prince Claus Conservatoire in
Groningen, the Netherlands. I played for five years in the ‘Haydn Youth String Orchestra’
(HYSO), the last year (2018) as concertmaster and soloist. In 2019 I performed as a soloist
together with the HYSO during the summer tour in the land where my father was born,
Bosnia and Herzegovina. The great years at the HYSO made me decide to study violin at the
conservatory in my hometown Groningen. Besides playing solo and playing together in
different ensembles, I also really enjoy giving violin lessons. In the future I hope to do a mix
of all.
In the recent years I have participated in several competitions. I will mention some of those
below. In 2021 I won a second prize in category 8 of “The North International Music
Competition”. That year I also won a first prize in category E in the 2nd international music
competition “Amici della Musica” -Italy, Bernalda. In 2019 I won the second prize in the
international competition “Giovanni Musiciti”- Citta di Treviso. In 2019, I received an
incentive prize during the Princess Christina Competition. In 2018 I won the Grand Prix at the
international competition “Stars of the Olympus” in Russia. In 2017 I received and honorable
mention during the Princess Christina Competition.

Azra Rustempašić

Photographer: Melle Meivogel © NMF

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