Doruk Enes Sağır Cello

Doruk Enes Sağır was born in 2012 in Turkey. In 2018, he started his full-time music education by passing the Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts exams in the 1st grade of Primary School. Doruk Enes Sağır, a cello student, continues to work with Verda ÇAVUŞOĞLU.  He took masterclass lessons from Prof.Dr.Ozan Evrim Tunca. He won the “Most Popular Video Award” among all categories in the “Music@e-contest” competition held in Hong Kong in 2020, and the “Silver Award” in its age category in the same competition.  He won the “2nd prize” at the “International Youth Music Competitions” held in Atlanta, USA in 2021.

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