María Dolores Ortega Vidal

I am pianist María Dolores Ortega Vidal;
I was born in Murcia Spain where my life and the love for arts began. I remember when I was a
little girl I use to amuse my family and friends by pretending I was a pop star; I use to sing and
dance for them and I even did it in front of the mirror -of course, back then the mirror was a
portal to a stage filled with thousands of people! Already than I was a performer. I believe that
art lives inside of our imagination, it is when we externalized it that becomes alive. Ok, now I
will tell you some about the I and the piano. I have a vivid memory of my 8th communion, I
was in church and it was then when I heard Tchaikovskys first piano concerto, it was like a
voice from heaven had touched my heart with music, it was truly unforgettable. Since that
very day I new in every bone in my body that I was going to be a pianist, but because no one in
my family was a musician or new much about it I had to improvise and make myself a piano
out of sheets of paper that I’ve taped together so I could have a piano and take it everywhere
with me. Despite my motivation and passion for the piano I finally got a real piano later on in
my teen years.
My first academic background began in my city in Murcia where I enrolled in the conservatory
and studied piano performance. A few years after, I decided to go to Germany because I knew
there were many great teachers and also the birthplace of some of my favorites composers, so
I built up my courage and told my family I was going to Germany. I finished my bachelors
degree in music pedagogy and also a degree in history. From not speaking any german to two
university degrees in it. During my period in Germany I did a few master classes with Elisabeth
Leonskaja (Potsdam), Sergei Dreznin (Berlin), Karen Kornienko (Moscow) and Daniele Petralia
(Italy) and also gave some piano recitals in Germany. After my experience abroad I came back
to my home country where I’m now a piano student in one of the best music schools in Spain:
ESMAR, it’s a high intensity university with an amazing staff of Professors such as Ruben Talon,
my piano teacher.
During the pandemic the world changed and shutdown, so I did what I know best which is play
piano and I used the time to practice more, built up my repertoire and took advantage of the
online competitions, because this was something I always wanted to take part in.
Competitions help artist to get more opportunities, exposure and more performance
experience. I’m happy to share that I have won a few of them in this year alone. This is one of
my best years so far as pianist in spite of the world pandemic.
My awards:
First Prize in International Moscow Music Competition (December 2020)
“Consul Award” in Chopin Avenue Piano Competition (March 2021)
3th Prize in Aegio International Piano Competition (May 2021)
3th prize in Windsor International Piano Competition (June 2021)
1th Prize in IMKA Music Competition (July 2021)
I’m extremely grateful and so motivated by it that want to continue and even travel to play in
different cities, states and even countries as soon as possible.

My goals in music and in life are simply to share: share with world the most amazing music,
share my Spanish heritage with other cultures and nationalities and share one of my biggest
passions in life, to be able to play and explain the mystical, passionate, electrifying music of
late romantic piano composers. I believe music has the power to chance the world and I want
to be a part of the change with my art, with my music.

María Dolores Ortega Vidal

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