Kinga Bezpalko

Kinga Bezpalko was born on November 13, 2004. in Cracow. In 2011. began studying at
ZPSMuz im. Mieczysław Karłowicz in Krakow in the oboe class of Sylwia Tomera – Długosz.
She is a laureate of national and international competitions, including: 2nd prize in the 15th
National Competition for Young Instrumentalists Stefania Woytowicz (2021), 3rd prize in the
International Music Competition OPUS 2021 (2021), 2nd prize in the 1st National Oboe Festival
Emilian Pardus (2021), 1st place in the 2nd National Oboe Competition Bohdan Łukaszewicza
(2021), 1st prize in the International Moscow Music Competition (2021), distinction in the XXXIX
Young Musician Competition in Szczecinek (2019), 2nd place in the 2nd B. Strawa and F.
Krzemiński in Lublin (2019), 1st place in the 2nd Polish Music Competition in Jarosław (2018),
3rd place in the 25th Silesian Wind Instrument Competition “Wood for the Youngest” in
Dąbrowa Górnicza (2018).
She improves her skills at master classes. She had the opportunity to participate in workshops
conducted by dr hab. Agata Piotrowska – Bartoszek, prof. Jerzy Kotyczka, prof. Tomasz Miczka,
dr hab. Arkadiusz Krupa, Dr. Sylwester Sobola, prof. Krzysztof Wroniszewski.

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