Assawongrat Assarangchai Thai Flute

My name is Assawongrat Assarangchai, my nickname is Kvin. I was born on August 18th, 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand. I am 11 years old, being Thai and I am buddhist.  Currently, I am living in Samutprakan Province, which is not too far from Bangkok.  I am the only son of my father, Dr.Tawatchai Assarangchai and mother,  Mrs. KwanjaiAssarangchai. 
I have started my education from Thai Singapore International School since Nursery 2 to Primary 6. And currently I am studying in Primary 6 level. Thai Singapore International School is a tri-lingual school.  Therefore, I can communicate in all those three languages, namely Thai, Chinese and English. Studying at the school, I have the opportunity to participate in many activities related to Chinese language skills which competing within the country, regional and international. Moreover, last year I have been selected as one of the school’s Chinese ambassadors to represent our Thai culture. Apart from that, I have been elected as the Secretary of the Student Council in the year 2018-2019. 
For the music part, I have started to learn music from MCGP Music College Mahidol University Seacon Square at the age of 5, starting from a small children’s music group, to piano, vocal, flute and Thai flute. With the love in wind instrument I can still play Chinese flute (dizi) as well. 
As to extend my knowledge in Thai flute, I have further my study with Master Naraphat phabanjongjit, my teacher. He is Thailand Cultural Ambassador who has lots of experience in playing and composing contemporary Thai music. He is the one who teaches and develops me with love and passions. This helps to induce and encourage me loving to play Thai Flute and  striving to do better. 
Currently, my teacher is composing a wonderful song for me in an album. It is the world music album under United Nation’s project. The song is telling the story about Queen Maya of Sakya (Mahamaya), who is the mother of Gautama Buddha. The album will be launched in South Korea on Visakhabucha Day next year. And later will be published in many countries. 
For me, I have participated in some international music competitions as followed : 
21st July 2021 : Shining Star Prize in Class A for Woodwind competition from Sugree Charoensook International Music Competition. 
27th October 2021 : Shining Star Prize in Class A for World Music and Traditional Instrument from Sugree Charoensook International Music Competition. 
1st December 2021: 1st Prize Winner for Traditional Music from IMKA international Music Competition 
Apart from music, whenever I have free time, I love to explore nature. I like to travel, plant trees and raise animals. My most favorite animal is insect.  I am a cheerful boy, happy with the present and always likes to try new things.

Assawongrat Assarangchai

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