APOLLO PREMADASA Multiinstrumentalist

Apollo is a seven years old passionate musician. He is a trombonist,
cellist, timpanist and composer and studies at the Junior Guildhall
School of Music (London). He plays the piano and orchestral percussion
too and studies orchestral conducting. He has recently finished a C
minor string quartet called “Pandemia” dedicated to all the victims and
heroes of the pandemic which has been also arranged for string
orchestra. Quartet Casals played a bit of his second movement in their
Christmas Video 2020. He has recently had one piece premiered at a
professional concert and has won the first prize at the International
Composition Competition Central Academy of Arts (Malta) as a
He has been a prize winner in lots of competitions in the UK receiving
the “Celia Yeo award for the most promising young player” and the
Dixon Memorial Cup among many others. Internationally he has been a
first prize winner at the Grand Prize Virtuoso (Bonn), New British
Talent Young Music, France Music Competition, Golden Classic Music
Awards, Starts of Tenerife, London Young Musician Competition,
Crescendo International and second prize at American Protégé and at
Music Grand Prix and the prize for the youngest player at the
International Trombone Competition among others. He has been
invited to perform as an award winner in Beethoven Haus in Bonn
(Germany), Singapore, Malta, Italy, Canada and in Carnegie Hall (New
He also organises charity concerts for Save the Children and Medicins
Sans Frontieres in UK and Barcelona. Apollo’s soul belongs to music
and he loves to share his passion with others with his playing and

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