Kaya Ercan was born in 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey. He started playing the piano at age
of five, and the cello at age of six. He has been studying cello with Dilbag Tokay
since 2016. He also continues his piano studies.
He has participated in International Pera Music Festival in 2017, 2018 and 2019. He
has actively participated in various cello masterclasses since 2018, with Solen
Dikener, Ozan Evrim Tunca, Umit Isgorur and Dilbag Tokay.
He has been playing in the cello sections of the Atasehir Youth Symphony Orchestra
since 2019 and Dogus Children’s Symphony Orchestra since 2021.
He has participated in numerous international music competitions and won the
following prizes:
 “eMuse 2018 International Music Competition” (May 2018, Athens), Cello, 1 st
 “The North International Music Competition” (May 2018), Cello, 2 nd prize
 “10 th International Music Competition” (May 2019), Cello, 2 nd prize
 Citta di Barletta – 29th Young Musician International Competition” (May 2019,
Barletta Italy), Cello, Absolute 1 st Prize (99/100)
 “Hisar Schools 3rd International Piano Competition” (June 2019, Istanbul),
Piano, 1 st prize
 “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality National Young Composers Competition”
(April 2020, Istanbul), Composition, Finalist
 “Global Genius Music Competition” Autumn Season (November 2021), Cello, 1 st
 “9 th International Online JSFest Instrumental Music Competition” (November
2021, Finland), Cello, 2 nd prize
 “IMKA International Internet Music Competition” (November 2021, Sarajevo),
Cello, 1 st prize
 “12 th World Open Music Competition” (December 2021, Belgrade), Cello, 1 st prize
 “International Clara Schumann Competition” (December 2021), Cello, 2 nd prize
 “CAKA Online Music Competition” (December 2021, Istanbul), Cello, 1 st prize
(Gold Star)

Kaya Ercan

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