Franciszek Idzik Violin

Franciszek Idzik was born in 2011 Kielce, Poland.

From an early age he showed an interest in classical music, in particular playing the violin. Franciszek chose the musician’s path on his own, thus completely surprising his not very musical family. His father, a great sports lover, saw Franek as a future football star.  The passion for music, however, was stronger. 

He began violin studies at the age of 6. It didn’t take long for Franek to achieve his first little successes. After only 4 months of education, Franciszek won the 2nd place in the Provincial Competition for String Instruments organized by the Music School in Kielce, where he competed with students much older than himself. Half a year later, together with four of his bandmates, he was invited to Baku in Azerbaijan where he represented Poland during the World Scout Conference performing two violin concerts. A year later, at the age of 7, he was granted a distinction and a special prize for the youngest violinist in the “Vivaldi 340” International Violin Competition in Wieliczka, Poland. Since then he has successfully been taking part in music competitions and concerts. Other important moments in his life include

April 2019 the first prize  in the VIII National Violin Competition “Young Violinist” organized by the W. Kilar 1st Grade Music School in Olkusz, Poland

April  2019 the first prize in the XVI Żyrardów Violin Meetings in Poland.

May 2019  the Grand Prix in the Provincial Competition for String Instrument Class Students of 1st grade music schools, Kielce.  

In October 2019, Franciszek was invited to participate in the Presidential Concert together with the Lviv Virtuoso Chamber Orchestra, established by leading Lviv chamber musicians. 

February 2020- the first prize  in the National Competition for violin class students in Sucha Beskidzka, Poland. 

June 2020- the third prize in the Nouvelles Étoiles 2nd International Music Competition. 

December 2020 the first prize in the National Online Music Competition Amadeusz 

May 2021- the second prize in the International Viennese Spring Music Competition organized by International Music Association Gloria Artis in Vienna

December 2021 – the first prize in 12th Open Online International Music Competition, Belgrade. 

December 2021- the first prize in the  International Sfogato Stage Music Competition, Cracow

January 2022- the first prize in the International Internet Music Competition “IMKA”, Sarajevo. 

Franciszek is looking forward to participating in the next competitions, festivals and concerts all over the world 🙂

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