Kiana Ghalambor Traditional instruments

Kiana Ghalambor Multi instrumentalist
Kiana was born on December 11, 2006, in Tehran, Iran. She is the first child of her family. At the age of 2,
her family decided to submit her to an early childhood music program ((Orff music education)) at Pars
Music Institute. This institute is one of Iran’s most famous and professional private music education
centers. Until 2011 she finished her Orff study, and to continue her journey, she chose Santoor as her
first study instrument. Santoor is the most challenging traditional instrument in Iran to master. At the
age of 6, Kiana showed a spectacular talent for music but more surprising was that she showed so much
perseverance as a child. She would sit at her table and practice Santoor for 8 hours every day. That is
why after one year of music education she finished a three year music level, also her performance at the
stage started both as a solo player and group player. Since then, she has shown confidence in playing for
an audience. As she had more performance opportunities until the end of 2011, one of the Tombaq
masters at the Pars institution recognized Kiana. He suggested that Kiana start learning Tombaq to
understand music rhythm better and enhance her grasp of Santoor. Since 2011 Kiana has continued her
santoor education and completed Tombaq education. Her intelligence and hard work led to finishing her
music levels 2-3 years sooner than her music teachers anticipated. Since 2015 she has started learning
piano. Her piano teachers were surprised that a kid who has been playing traditional instruments for
many years could make such a good connection with a classical music instrument! Like before, she has
done a great job learning and performing piano. Finally, in 2017 another music teacher at Pars institute
suggested that Kiana learn about Qanun. Since Kiana has always been passionate about music, she
agreed to take the chance. She has shined bright with this Iranian traditional music instrument too.
Kiana also has been studing music theory and music Sight Singing. Her music teachers have noticed that
she has a perfect pitch.
Since Kiana was seven years old, she has had more than 200 performances. Kiana is a santoor and qanun
player at two famous orchestras in Iran. She has won countless national awards both as a solo and group
player. Her prize on IMKA is her first time winning an international competition.
Kiana has always amazed her teachers, both her music teachers and her regular teachers at school. She
is known for her hard work, and no matter how complex a challenge is, she would go on anyway. Her life
has always been about music. She is an excellent student at school and has participated in school
competitions many times. She has won the prize for storytelling several times.
The detailed information is in the attached CV.

Instagram: kiana.ghalambor

Kiana Ghalambor



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