Ding QianNan Harp Educator Awards

 Ding QianNan

 In 2011, she graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music with a major in piano, and was exposed to and learned the harp while studying classical music.  In 2018, she entered Xinghai Continuing Education College to study harp.  After that, she majored in musicology at Renmin University of China, and pursued further studies with a master of art. During her studies, she participated in and won the first prize in the harp group of the Vienna Musicians Competition and won the gold medal. She has cooperated with major local symphony orchestras and successfully toured.  She is currently the president of the Zhongshan Harp Association. The students she teaches have won the gold medal in the harp group of the Hong Kong Arts Festival and major international competition awards, and have won various titles of outstanding teachers.

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