Ariadna Terol Donat Viola

Ariadna Terol Donat born in Spain July 3, 2004. She studied at various
conservatories in Valencia until she was 14 years old.  During those years she
received classes and Masterclass from Leo de Neve, Santiago Canto, Ana Valero
Betran and Thuan Do Minh.  She is also a member of Youth Orchestra of the
Generalitat Valenciana, Madrid JMJ Orchestra and the Alicante Youth Orchestra.
 In 2018 she will study at Musica Mundi School with Julia Dinerstein as teacher.
 Since then she has received Masterclass with Michael Kugel and Mikhail Zemtsov,
Since 2020 he has won several awards, among others in Kings Peak competition.
 ODÍN Competition, Opus competition and Gloria Artis Viena.

Instrument: Viola

Major: Bachelor degree for Viola

2019 – present: Musica Mundi School (Diploma for Secondary Education and
Musica Mundi Diploma – to be earned)
2017 – 2018: Conservatori de Música Perfecto García Chornet
2016: Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Mestre Vert”
2009 – 2015: Conservatori de la Societat Artistica y Musical d’Alginet

September 2019 – present: Julia Dinerstein
September 2018 – June 2019: Ana Velero Betrán
November 2017 – June 2019: Vicente Gimenez Cerberó
September 2016 – October 2017: Luis Roig
2015/2017: Sylvie Berger

Concerts, Recitals and Activities Participated:
Ensemble Experience:
March/July 2019: Jove Orquestra de la Generalitat Valenciana (JOGV)

December 2018/July 2019: Orquesta Simfónica y Coro (JMJ)
July 2018: Alicante’s Youth Orquestra (OJPA)
2016/2017: Orquesta Simfónica de la Ribera

December 2019 – December 2021: Musica Mundi School’s Chamber Music,
Private (for sponsors) Concerts and Intern Concerts in school (5 chamber, 2
private chamber, 2 private solos, 7 intern solo, 5 intern solo)
December 2020: Solo Recital
July 2019: -three concerts with Jove Orquestra de la Generalitat Valenciana
-Orquesta Simfónica y Coro (JMJ) at the National Auditorium
March 2019: ENSEMS concert with Jove Orquestra de la Generalitat
December 2018: concert with Orquesta Simfónica y Coro (JMJ) retransmitted
on Spanish TV channel 1
June/July 2018: 6 performances with Alicante’s Youth Orquestra (OJPA),
including one at Musikverein.
July 2018: Solo performance at Príncipe Felipe Auditorium (Oviedo)
2016/2017: multiple concerts with Orquesta Simfónica de la Ribera
2009 – 2018: Solo Auditions at respective conservatory (20 solos)
December 2021: First Prize – Kings Peak International Online Competition
December 2021: Honorable Mention – Clara Schumann Online Competition
August 2021: Third Prize – 13 Concorso Internazionale Musicale Luigi Cerritelli
August 2021: Third Prize – Kings Peak International Online Competition
June 2021: First Prize with Honorable Mention – Opus Artis Paris Contest
April 2021: Third Prize – International Music Competition OPUS
February 2021: Honorable Mention – Odin International Online Music

International Courses:
August 2021: AIMS Festival
February 2019/2020/2021: Zemtsov Viola Masterclass (The Netherlands)
August 2019: International Music Course Ayllón
July 2018/2019: Summer course Escuela Internacional de Música Princesa de

August 2021: Andry Vytovych, Naomi Vialodrova
February 2019/2020/2021: Mikhail Zemtsov, Michael Kugel, Ludmila Kugel
August 2019: Mikhail Zemtsov, Julia Dinerstein
July 2019: Thuan Do Minh
July 2018: Igor Sulyga
2017 – 2020: Total of 4 Concert of Piano (secondary instrument – currently
studying at Musica Mundi School with Alexander Mogilevsky)
July 2018: First Prize in the orchestra category at Summa Cum Laude
International Youth Music Festival

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