Poppanut Kullarmard 1st Prize Winner in IMKA Piano Competition

Poppanut Kullarmard – a 9 years old piano enthusiast from Bangkok, Thailand has started his pianistic journey since 2017, and is actively studying at Piano Academy of Bangkok. His interest in music was well established at the age of 5 when he received a distinction score from the University of West London.

Since then, he has received several awards from many distinguished institutions such as Singapore International Piano Competition, International Youth Music Competitions, Medici International Music Competition, The 1 St Bangkok International Performing Arts Piano Competition, Hong Kong Music Talent & Performance Award, Golden Classical Music Competition etc.

He has also taken ABRSM Piano Performance Grade 4 and achieved the distinction score.

All these years Poppanut has made it clear that piano is one of his interests and passions and he has always been trying to practice to perfect his skill as much as possible.


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