Laura Hakobyan Harp

Laura Hakobyan was born on June 24th, 2009 in Yerevan (Armenia). She started playing the piano when she
was 5 years old. She has been living in Austria since 2016 and started playing the harp in 2019. She is currently
studying harp (as well as piano and music theory) with the harpist Mag. Maria Tuturilova in Vienna. As a
harpist, Laura has already won prizes at national and international competitions (Austria, Italy, Czech Republic,
Slovenia, Argentina, Finland).
Her recent (2022) competitive awards include:

  • 8th Odin international music online competition 2022( February 2022) – Category Strings 11-12 years old: 1st
  • IV. International Competition “Cosmos Stars” (22.2.2022) – Group A 11-12 years old: Grand Prix and special
    prize, including live video and radio interview
  • “Estrellas brillantes” International Music Competition (28.2.2022, Spain) – Category C 11-13 years old: 1st
  • IMKA international music competition (15.3.2022, Sarajevo) – Category Kids3 12-13 years old: 1st prize
  • Austrian youth music competition “Prima la Musica” (19.3.2022) – age category 12-13 years old: 1st prize

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