Rin Takano 

Rin Takano was boon in Tokyo (Japan).

At the age of six,She began the hearpsichord.

She studied at Ueno Gakuen high school.

9th J-city Cembalo Pleasure Virtuoso 1st prize(Japan)

14th OSAKA internsaional Music competition early music 2nd Prize(1st prize no nominees)(Japan)

king’s peaks international music competition winter 2021 1st Prize(US)

1st International Music Competition „Małopolska 2021” 

1st Prize(Poland)

IMKA Music and Dance Competition category Experienced 1st Prize.

She is among the winners of ‘CBT giovani’, a keyboard competition celebrating 300 years of the 1st book of Well Tempered Clavier; she well perform it (together with the other participants) in the Back-TO-Bach Festival in Turin(Italy)

She also psrticipated many masterclasses by great professors including by great professores including Enrico Baiano,

Emilia Fadini,Pieter-Jan Belder,Mayako Sone and Kitaya Masaki.

Now,She studing harpsichord in Music Conservatory D.Cimarosa(Italia)

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