I had the opportunity, before my graduation, to work with teachers and conductors during live
masterclasses. I worked with the Baritone “Ivan Konsulov” (March 2014), the chief of the choir of
“Bachakademie” Stuttgart (April 2014), Messrs. “Benedikt Holtbernd”, “Christof Buescher” and
“Lucas Grim” in collaboration with the “Bundes jugend orchester” (June 2014 and August 2014),
Maestro “Vladimir Sheiko” the conductor of the choir and orchestra of the National Radio of Ukraine
(July 2016), and the Counter-Tenor “Robert Nakoneczny” (September 2017).
After concluding my graduation recital with honors in 03.11.2017, I continued my learning with
teachers and vocal coaches from all over the world thanks to online courses.
Indeed I worked with the soprano Kathryn Lewek (USA), the pianist and vocal coach Carrie Ann
Matheson (Canada), the Mezzo-Soprano Rihab Chaieb (Canada), the pianist and vocal coach Beatrice
Benzi (Italy), the Soprano Julie Gebhart (Belgium) and Soprano Odile Dovin Morel (France).
I was selected to participate in a 3-week Masterclass in June 2021 with the Canadian Institute of
Vocal Art, where I had the immense honor of working with great ladies of the lyrical art such as Dame
Cute Dunn and Lady Joan Dorneman. But also with brilliant teachers and vocal coaches such as Tracy
Dahl, Benjamin Butterfield, Anthony Manoli, Rainer Armbrust, Michael Shannon, Richard Margison,
Francis Perron and Rosemarie Landry.
I was selected for the Michel Dens competition in 2014 (Lille) which has been postponed then
I participated in the “Concorso Lirico Internazionale di Portofino” in Italy in July 2019. Chosen from
more than 200 candidates. I was the only candidate to represent Africa.
I was selected for the “Grandi Voci” 2020 competition in Salzburg, Austria, but due to the pandemic
my participation was canceled.
I obtained the first prize of the Arab competition of music and singing for its first edition with the
song of the composer Abdelbasset Metsahel in 2019.
I participated in several festivals and events including some in the presence of the Minister of Culture
and the ambassadors of the USA, Canada, Bulgaria and Morocco.

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