Yuxuan Li Guzheng

Yuxuan Li is a multi-instrumentalist and passionate music educator from Hefei, China. She started learning Guzheng at the age of five, and piano at the age of nine. After attending The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts Affiliated Secondary School in Beijing, she decided to study abroad in the US; she performed both Guzheng and Piano music in California as a student artist during high school. The performing experiences encouraged her to study music in higher education. She received an Associate Degree in Arts, Piano Performance from Orange Coast College, where she studied with Dr. Brian Gould as an OCC piano scholarship, and Arlene Karr-Powell Piano scholarship recipient. Later she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Piano Performance from University of California, Irvine where she studied with Professor Nina Scolnik. 

Besides performing and teaching piano, she also joined Beibei He’s Guzheng Ensemble in Los Angeles and performed at the Bowers Museum, Nixon Library and Soka Performing Arts Center during her undergraduate studies. In addition, Yuxuan is the co-founder of Jianxi Chinese Music Ensemble at UC Irvine; she had the opportunity to teach, conduct and write arrangements for the ensemble. She hopes to support Chinese music by providing a welcoming learning and performing environment for musicians from all backgrounds to join. 

Yuxuan is currently pursuing her Masters’ Degree in Education, Music and Music Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her goal of teaching applied music lessons is to encourage students of all ages to develop long-term participation and enjoyment in music. She recognizes every student as a unique individual, her personalized piano and Guzheng lessons have met with favorable receptions from her students.

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