Norah Wanton Piano


Norah Wanton (13 years old) is Italian but was born and lives in Granada (Spain). She began playing
the piano at the age of 4 at the International School of Music “Glinka” under Prof. Tamara Romadina.
Two years later, her great passion for music led her to begin studying classical guitar and at the age
of 8, singing.
At the age of 7, she obtained a 5th grade Diploma in Music Theory from the ABRSM (Associated
Board of the Royal School of Music).
At the age of 12, in 2021, she obtained a Professional Grade Diploma in Piano (also studying
composition and conducting) at “Ángel Barrios” Conservatory in Granada (Spain), where at the age of
13, in 2022, she also obtained a Professional Grade Diploma in Classical Guitar with Honours.
Since April 2021, she has been a Junior Piano Scholar of the Ferrer-Salat Foundation at the Liceu
Conservatory in Barcelona one of the most important and prestigious Conservatories in Spain, under
Prof. Michael Davidov.
At her young age she has performed as a soloist in several international venues such as the
Alexander Scriabin Memorial Museum (Moscow), The Small Guild, (Riga, Latvia), the Vilnius City Hall
(Lithuania), the University of Rzézow (Poland), the Cavtat’s House of Culture (Croatia), the
Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome, Italy), the Bellini Theatre (Catania, Sicily), Bangor University
(Wales), Wells Concert Hall and Longleat House (UK), Falcone-Borsellino Theatre, the Arezzo di
Trifiletti Palace, (Ragusa, Sicily, Italy), and in several Spanish concert halls such as the Villamarta
Theatre (Jerez de la Frontera), the Museum of Romanticism (Madrid), the Ralli Museum (Marbella),
the Guitar Museum (Almería), the “El Pósito” Auditorium (Sigüenza), the Granada City Council, the
Tower of Justice of the Alhambra, etc.
She has participated in several festivals, including the 17th Moscow Meets Friends Festival, the most
important project of the Spivakov Foundation with the participation of UNESCO and the Krasnogorsk
Music Festival (Krasnogorsk, Russia).
She has won 55 international prizes in piano, classical guitar, singing and chamber music
competitions in Europe, Asia and the United States.
She has also received a scholarship from the Piano Institute of Kent University, Ohio (USA) and from
the Russian Children’s Centre “Orlyonok”.

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