Tamara Romadina was born in Russia, she began her musical studies at the age of 7 at the
Elementary Music School in Penza (Russia). In 1982 she continued her studies at the Music
College of Penza (Russia) and in 1986 she was admitted to the Saratov Conservatory of Music
At the end of her studies at the Conservatory, she received master classes with Mikhail
Voskressensky, professor at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow (Russia).
In 1988 she was awarded third prize at the National Chamber Music Competition in Saratov.
In 1990 she won a first prize at the Regional Piano Competition in Saratov.
From 1991 to 1996 she taught piano at the Volgograd Conservatory of Music (Russia).
In 1996 she travelled to Spain where she began to give piano lessons, combining this activity
with that of concert pianist, repertoire player and accompanist.
She recorded a CD with professional singers from Granada, has participated in several
Andalusian circuits, including tours with Oscar Sala (horn), soloist of the Granada City
Orchestra and with Nadezhda Tokareva (violin), soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic.
In 2001 she opened her own music school “International School of Music Glinka” in Granada
where she continues to teach piano.

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