Joanna Kowalska Flute

Joanna Kowalska (Poland) 

Joanna was born in Koszalin in 2010. She began learning to play flute at the age of 6 in Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych im.G.Bacewicz in Koszalin.

She is a student of Natalia Jewłoszewicz – Dziedzic.

Joanna has taken part in flute workshops and symposiums with prof. Agata Igras and prof. Ewelina Zawiślak. She won Internacional Music Competitions  including 1st Prize in VI Tokyo International Music Competition , 1 st Prize in 13 World Open Music Competition in Belgrad , distinction in1 National Music Competition ‘Young virtuoso’ in Cracow in Poland , and now, 1st Prize in  IMKA Music Competition

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