Miranda Konstancja Szczepanska Violinist

Miranda Konstancja Szczepanska

Miranda Konstancja Szczepanska was born on 5th of December 2011 in
Cracow, Poland. She started her violin classes at the age of 4. Now she is a
student in Artur Rubinstein Comprehensive 1st Degree Music School in
Bydgoszcz, Poland in the class of violin of Professor Pawel Radzinski.
In 2017 was awarded a 1st prize in Antoni Cofalik Violin and Viola
Competition and a special prize for the best performance of Antoni Cofalik’s
In 2018 she has won a Grand Prix in the 10th Review of Christmas music
in Zator, Poland.
In 2019 she was granted a scholarship from the Dr. Jarzy Masior
Foundation for outstanding achievements in arts.
In the same year she was awarded 1st price in the National Competition
For Young Musicians „Sosnowe Nutki” in Otwock, Poland.
In the Competition Of Music Culture in Sokolow Malopolski she was
granted a 1st place in 1st category.
Also in the same year she won a 3rd price in the International Violin
Competition Janko Muzykant in Sochaczew, Poland.
rd prize in the 1st Young Cameralists contest in Jezowe, Poland.
In 2020 Miranda won a 1st price in Talent Start – a competition for
musicians below 9 years of age in Lososina Dolna.
She was also awarded a 2nd price in 7th International Chamber Music
Competition in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
In 2021 National Competition Of The Antique Music in Lezajsk, Poland –
nd prize.
In the 2021 International Viennese Spring Music Competition in Vienna,
Austria Miranda was awarded 1st prize and the special prize for outstanding
Also in the same year in the 5th National Presto Festival in the strings
competition Miranda received a 1st price and the special prize for outstanding
performance granted by the jury of the Festival.
Same year – 1st price in the IX International Violin Competition for Youth
Ph.Dr. J. Micka in the Capital Music School in Prague, Czech Republic and a
special price for the best performance of J.Micka piece.
2022 year – 1st price and the Artistic Personality title in the w National
Competition „W Barokowym Stylu” in Poland
10th International Master Competition for Music Teachers – 1st place,

violin duet with piano together with Man Szczepanska – Matkowska.
st place in American Music Talent Competition, Strings.
st place in the 2nd Tiziano Rossetti International Music Competiton,
Lugano, Switzerland
st place in the Internationa Music Competition OPUS 2022 in Krakow,
st place and a special price for 100/100 points in International
Competition – Classical Music Kavadarcsi, North Macedonia
st place and an invitation for a concert in Italy in MIMAS Music Festival
in Italy.
st place and an invitation for a concert in Vienna in II International
Viennesse Music Competition
st place and a special prize in Young Virtuoso Festival in Bydgoszcz,
st place in Art Rogaska International Art Competition 2022
Gold Award Oskar Rieding 6th International Competition for Young
Musicians, Slovenia
nd Place London International Music Competition 2022.
She also performed with the chamber music orchestra Academia Del Arco
in the Archcatedral in Gniezno, Poland the Concert Hall in Zywiec and in
Warsaw and Prague, Czech. In 2002 she performed in Vienna and in with
chamber orchestra in Paris.

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