Jinah Kwon Pianist South Korea -USA

The talented musician who has the rich sound with a sensitive touch, pianist Jinah Kwon, a native of Korea, was born in 1984. She began playing the piano at the age of five. At the age of 12 years old, JinAh has since received the spotlight in many domestic and international competitions. During her youth, JinAh earned acclamations as the winner in the 1996, 1997, 1998 National Piano Competition in Korea, 2001 Ge Cheon Art Competition, 2001 National Piano Competition in Gyeong Sang Province, and 2001 Seo-Gyeong Newspaper competition. One newspaper quoted that she appears as a comet.

During her undergraduate study at Seoul National University, which is the top university in Korea, Jin Ah was the prizewinner in both 2004 Korean Society Piano Competition and 2005 Young San art Hall Competition.
After a successful debut with the Russia-Tombov Philharmonic Orchestra in 2006 performing Grieg Piano Concerto Op.16, JinAh started to perform concert debut including Liszt 200 year’s celebration at Seoul Art Center with top pianists, Solo Concert at Buam Art Hall, Great Young Artist Concert at E-Won Art Center, 9 Modern Concertos Concert at Seoul National University’s Concert Hall, and Bach 24 Fugue and Prelude at Concert Hall while earning her master degree Seoul National University.


Currently, JinAh is completing her doctoral degree with many scholarships at the University of North Texas. She won the Concerto Competition at UNT in 2016 and performed Rachmaninoff No.1 Piano Concerto with Concerto Symphony in 2017 Feb. She also won the many international competitions including 9th Grand prize International competition in London, 2017 New York International Competition, and IMKA music international Competition. Most recently, she was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall this November and preparing for the Grand Prix concert at Sarajevo Army Hall in Bosnia.


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