Ugne Varanauskaite and Danang Dirhamsy


Danang Dirhamsyah was born in 1990, Surabaya, Indonesia and has been learning
music since his early childhood. His first lessons began with Farida Pringadie in
Melodia Music school in Surabaya, as he started to study the electone. His further
studies followed when he was 12 years old, as he developed the passion for playing
the classical piano with his theacher Fefe Thesa at The Quatro Music School. The
strong feelings for the piano music supported Danang during the following years,
when he independently joined the 1st and 2nd Indonesia Piano Festival in Jakarta and
was selected to play at the Gala concert at Usmar Ismail Hall in 2007, which was
later broadcasted National wide. Later, in the year of 2008, Danang has received an
opportunity to attend “Summer Piano Institute” at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of
Music, National University of Singapore, where he experienced first hand the
mastery of the professional playing from Dr. Thomas Hecht. On the same year,
Danang started his bachelor studies of the Piano performance under the guidance of
Iswargia Sudarno at the Pelita Harapan University in Jakarta, Indonesia. During his
studies in Indonesia, Danang gave numerous solo and chamber music concerts and
collaborated with renowned musicians, such as D’Java String quartet, Asep Hidayat,
Marini Widyastari, Iswargia Sudarno and others. In the year of 2012 Danang
successfully finished his bachelor studies and was awarded a special prize of the Asia
International Music Festival in Cheonan, South Korea. Since 2013 he has been a
scholarship holder of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and started
his 2nd bachelor studies at the Lübeck Academy of Music in the class of prof. Konrad
Elser. Danang furthered his studies by choosing a new direction in music and
developing a strong bond with the contemporary composers through various concerts,
projects and collaborations. His skills have been noticed in the late year of 2015,
where he has been selected to play in the “Jünge Kunstler live” – a special live
broadcasted concert on NDR Kultur (the Radio of the North Germany). In addition to
that, he took a great interest in the Balinese Gamelan and has been participating in the
ensemble conducted by prof. Dieter Mack, ever since. From the year of 2015 Danang
began studying his master’s degree in the piano performance with prof. Konrad Elser,
furthering his knowledge and starting studying the harpsichord with prof. HansJürgen
Schnoor the following year. Currently Danang Dirhamsyah is actively
performing with the French baritone, Erwan Tacher and their newly established
“Duo Breva”, which debuted this March.


Ugnė Varanauskaitė is a 21 year old clarinetist from Lithuania, Kaunas. Her first musical studies
began in the Music Gymnasium of Juozas Naujalis in Kaunas, where she studied the clarinet at the
Vitalius Žemaitis’ class and the piano in the class of Marta Lapinskienė. During the school years
Ugnė participated in various international solo and chamber music competitions in Lithuania and
Latvia, where she has been awarded various prizes: 2nd place in the international competition for
woodwinds „Young musicians“ in Rūjiena, Latvia (2013), 2nd place and an audio recording for an
official competitions’ CD in the 4th international chamber music competition „Musical Aqarelle“
(2014) and others. Ugnė had also participated on various projects, concerts and masterclasses in
Lithuania, Poland, France and Germany. Few honorable mentions would be the benefit concerts
„Strech your hand to a sick child“ (2013), „Christmas’ Eve for Afghanistan’s war veterans“(2014),
as well as concerts during the „MusicAlp international music academie“ in France and Mozart
Festival-Masterclasses in Germany (2015). From 2011 ’till 2015 Ugnė was a constant member of
Juozas Naujalis music gymnasium’s orchestra and performed as a member and a solist in the XX,
XXI und XXII international festivals for young musicians. In the year of 2014 and 2015 she also
made solo entrances with the Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra.
Ugnė Varanauskaitė is currently studying the clarinet in the class of prof. Reiner Wehle in
Musikhochschule Lübeck. During her studies in Germany she has already participated in various
chamber music concerts, as well as a player of the orchestra in the 26th Brahms Festival (conducted
by Simon Bernardini) and in the orchester project with conductor Christoph Altstaedt. Ugnė has
also performed in the 14th and 15th „Clarinet Nights” (“die Lübecker Klarinetten Nacht” from Prof.
Sabine Meyer and Prof. Reiner Wehle) and had her own concert tour, as well as masterclasses in the
University Pelita Harapan and Music Conservatory in Jakarta, as well as Wisma Music Melodia and
Universitas Negeri in Surabaya, Indonesia.
Ugnė Varanauskaitė is currently active with various chamber music ensembles, performing in the
region of Schleswig-Holstein .


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