Zadar Clarinet Quartet Unique Musical Project


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The Zadar clarinet quartet started with their work in 2007. as an independent project of, then students of Blagoje Bersa music school in Zadar and today graduated clarinetists. Quartet plays diverse program from all style periods, and it’s sound is described as exceptionally harmonious and backed up with technical brilliance. Due to their constant engagement in promoting classical music and culture in Croatia, they have been dubbed „the representative chamber ensemble of Zadar city and region“.

Their most recent achievements are: performace at 19th Senj concert evenings and at 57th Musical evenings in st. Donatus, as well as 4th prize at international competition „Premio citta’ di Padova“ in 2016. Quartet has so far played in: Cremona, Zadar, Zagreb, Lastovo, Udine, NP Telašćica, Gospić, Padova and Senj.

Clarinetists of the quartet are: Ivan Andrijević, Ante Buturić, Lovre Lućić, and Abdul – Aziz Hussein.

Abdul-Aziz Hussein (Bucharest, 1992.) is currently enrolled in doctoral studies at Conservatoire à rayonnement régional in Versailles in class of Philippe Cuper. He has graduated at Zagreb music academy in class of doc. Davorin Brozić. He began his musical education in music school Zlatko Baloković in Zaprešić, and continiued in music school Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb where he graduated in class of Bruno Philipp. During his studies he attended the exchage program with Akademija za glasbo in Ljubljana in class of Tadej Kenig.

He won a total of 7 1st prizes at Croatian national music students competitions; 4 regional and 3 national prizes. In 2010. He was one of nominees to represent Croatia at EBU-UER young musicians competition in Vienna. In 2015 at international competition Woodwind&Brass in Varaždin he won the laureate in the eldest clarinetists’ category. In 2016. he was the winner of 5th edition of competition Papandopulo. He is also winner of multiple honors including: Rector’s award from Zagreb university, Croatian composer’s guild award and multiple scholarship laureates.

He held many recitals in Croatia and abroad, most important being Osor musical evenings, Zagreb Biennale and as a soloist alongside HRT symphony orchestra and Croatian armed forces wind orchestra. He is also a clarinetist at National theatre in Zagreb and Croatian chamber orchestra.

He worked with eminent world clarinetists such as Guy Deplus, Philippe Cuper, Mate Bekavac, Davor Reba, Nicolas Baldeyrou, Jože Kotar, Radovan Cavallin, Sharon Kam, Nicholas Cox, Chen Halevi, Nikola Srdić, Luis Gomes.

Lovre Lučić (New York, 1991.) started his musical education in Blagoje Bersa music school in Zadar, where he graduated in class of Marita-Nera Mimica. He graduated in 2015 at Zagreb music academy in class of doc. Davorin Brozić.

In  2014. he won 3rd prize at international competition Davorin Jenko in Belgrade, Serbia. He also won Rector’s award from Zagreb university in 2013 for his contribution to many projects at Zagreb music academy.

Since 2015 he is resident bass clarinetist at HRT Symphony orchestra, and clarinetist in Dubrovnik Symphony orchestra, Cantus ensemble, Zagreb Biennale, National theatre in Zagreb, Zadar chamber orchestra, Croatian chamber orchestra, and Zagreb Philharmonic. He also frequently cooperates with Croatian composers such as Petar Bergamo, and Stanko Horvat.

He worked with eminent clarinetists such as: Mate Bekavac, Jože Kotar, Radovan Cavallin, Ante Grgin, Željko Milić, Davor Reba and Chen Halevi.

Ante Buturić (Zadar, 1991.) finished his primary and secondary education in Music school Blagoje Bersa in Zadar and classical lyceum „Pope Jonh Paul the 2nd“ in Zadar. He graduated clarinet performance at Zagreb music academy in class of prof. Davor Reba. Today he is the mentor of multiple classes of young clarinet students in Zadar and surrounding communities.

He won a total of one 1st, three 3nd and on 3rd prize at Croatian national students competitions. He also won 3rd prize at Davorin Jenko international competition in Belgrade in 2014.

He worked with many world class clarinet teachers including:  J. Tonžetić, Ž. Milić, J. Kotar, A. Grgin, R. Cavallin and C. Halevi.

Ivan Andrijević (Zagreb, 1994.) graduated clarinet at Zagreb music academy in class of red. prof. Milko Pravdić in 2017. He finished his primary and secondary education in Music school Blagoje Bersa in Zadar in class of teachers Božidar Lukin, Marita Nera Mimica and Željko Andrić.

He attended numerous competitions, both as a soloist and as a chamber musician, and won numerous awards: 2nd prize at international competition „Premio citta’ Palmanova“ as a member of trio MaSeiV, reached semifinals at competition „Papandopulo“ in 2016, 4th prize at international competition „Premio citta’ di Padova“ as part of the quartet, first prize at the eldest clarinetists’ category at competition „Woodwind&Brass“ in Varaždin 2016, 2nd prize and silver medal at international competition „Davorin Jenko“ in Belgrade 2014, and grand total of 7 prizes at Croatian national music students competitions; five 1st prizes and two 2nd prizes.

He took part in multiple international festivals: 24th „Sarajevo musical evenings“ in 2017 with trio MaSeiV, Easter festival in Bayreuth, Germany 2017. as clarinetist in orchestra „Internationale junge Orchesterakademie“, „Aurora chamber music“ in Vannersborg, Sweden, 2016. As a soloist, at „Nei suoni dei luoghi“ in region Friuli, Italy aspart of the quartet, International wind orchestra competition „Vejvoda Zbraslav“ in Prauge, Czechia, as concertmaster of Šibenik folk music, at „May musical evenings“ in Šibenik,  2015 as a soloist, at „World music competition“ in Kerkrade, Netherlands, as concertmaster of Šibenik folk music 2013. He is also, since 2013, resident artist of festival  „Zadar classic open air“  and frequent guest of concert cycle „Virtuoso“ by Zagreb music academy students.  As a soloist or an ensemble member he played in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, BiH, Serbia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as in many places in Croatia. As a soloist he performed with Zagreb Music academy symphony orchestra, Zadar chamber orchestra, and Croatian armed forces Wind orchestra.

He acted and played in play „Godišnja doba“ by Ivica Šimić produced by theatre „Mala Scena“, Zagreb, since 2014. – 2016. He also takes part in work of many folklore, amateur and pop-rock ensembles, most notable being: work on soundtrack for first long-running motion picture filmed in Zadar „Mali div“ by Igor Gojić and Branimir Čakić and on single „Zvukovi“ by  Zvonimir Varga published by Croatia Records. He recorded multiple compositions for educational TV show „Bespućima glazbenih pojmova“ by „Trigon“ production studios for Croatian national television and show„Notica“ for educational programme of HRT.

He worked with many eminent clarinetists such as: Mate Bekavac, Chen Halevi, Andreas Sunden, Venancio Rius, Geert Baeckelandt, Annelien van Wauwe, Ivo Lybeert, Radovan Cavallin, Davor Reba, Davorin Brozić, Željko Milić, Nicholas Cox, Josip Tonžetić, Philipp Jundt, Pietro Odorici and Eddie Henderson.


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