Ednaldo Alves Clarinetist

Ednaldo José dos Santos Alves was born in Condado, a small Brazilian city in the country side of Pernambuco State. When Mr. Ednaldo Alves was nine years old, he began his first steps on the way to being an artist. This occurred in a Marching Band of his city called June 28th Philharmonic, where he played the Eb Clarinet and the Bb Clarinet a few months later. Mr. Ednaldo Alves joined the Federal University of Paraíba in 2011 and earned a Music educator/Performance degree. At that time, he was accepted into the Youth Orchestra of Paraíba State and played from 2011 to 2014. Mr. Ednaldo Alves was Principal Clarinet of a few Major Orchestras and Band in Brazil: Federal Symphony Orchestra of Paraíba, Youth Orchestra Concertante, Marching Band of Paraíba and June 28th Philharmonic.

 At the age of 16 he was invited to join a Popular Orchestra to represent Pernambuco State, an important festival in the southeast side of Brazil in the famous city of Rio de Janeiro, sponsored by the theater Caixa Cultural with Geraldo Azevedo as the vocalist. Geraldo Azevedo is one of the most important popular singers in Brazil.

 Mr. Ednaldo Alves won the Concerto Competition of the Youth Orchestra of Paraíba in 2014, won the Concerto Competition at Azusa Pacific University in 2016, First Prize at the Pasadena Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota Scholarship Competition, Second Prize at Baccarelli Institution/APU Concerto Competition 2016 edition, First Prize in the International Great Composers Competition Sonata category and Second Prize in the Concerto category. As soloist he played with Azusa Pacific University Symphony Orchestra, Youth Orchestra of Paraíba, March Band of Paraíba and June 28Philharmonic.

 Mr. Ednaldo Alves studied principally with professor Erilson Oliveira, Carlos Rieiro and Arimatéia Veríssimo. He also had master classes with Yehuda Gilad (USA), Baldeyrou Nicolas (France), Luiz Rossi (Chile), José Taborda (Colombia), Antonio Saiote (Portugal), Cristiano Alves (Brazil), Ovanir Buosi (OSESP-Brazil), Sérgio Burgani (OSESP-Brazil), and José Freitas (Brazil). In January 2015 He was invited by Dr. D. Ray McClellan to participate in an Exchange Program in The University of Georgia in which he had lessons under the professor.

 Currently Mr. Ednaldo Alves studies under Michele Zukovsky and is principal chair of the APU symphony orchestra, APU wind ensemble and Devon & Burgani artist.Ednaldo ALves.jpg

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