Blandine Waldman

Blandine Waldman Pianist.jpg

Her magnificent musicality, her technical mastery and her emotional depth combined with a really
unique sensitivity have established Blandine Waldmann as one of the most charismatic pianist of
her time. ” Her musicality exuded imploding momentum and professional mastery ” (Roberta On
Acclaimed in Europe and in the United States, recent seasons have included venues at the
Carnegie Hall in New York, the Cadogan Hall of London, the “Sala Accademica del Pontificio
Istituto di Musica Sacra” and the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Roma, the Great Hall of the Royal
Conservatory in Brussels, the Theatre in Florence.
From 2014 till 2017, she won the first price of nine International Competitions, in particular in the
International Competition “Erik Satie” of Lecce (Italy), in the Competition International
Eurorchestra da Camera “Nuovi Interpreti” of Bari, in the International Competition E-muse of
Athens. She is also a prize-winner of International Competitions such as the “American Protégé
International Competition” of New York as well as the International Competition “Grand Prize
Virtuoso” of Salzburg.
Born in Paris, Blandine Waldmann graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in the dutch
section. She studies with Aleksandar Madzar and Daniel Blumenthal and was awarded two
Master’s degree Diplomas with honours in piano and chamber music.


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