Rebecca Beato Violin Prodigy


Rebecca Beato age 11, was born in New York City and has been taking violin lessons since the age of five. Currently, she is in sixth grade at the Special Music School at Kaufman Music Center where she has been studying violin with Viktor Basis since fourth grade. In 2018, Rebecca was awarded both First prize and the Gold prize at the Vivo international music competition in New York City, performing in the winners concert at Merkin Concert Hall. In 2017, she performed a violin concerto as a soloist accompanied by The Cremona Music Academy Festival Orchestra, conducted by Mark Lakirovich. In 2017, she was selected to perform at the Kaufman Music Center Gala at Guastavino’s, New York City in a string ensemble featuring Joshua Bell. In 2016, she was awarded First prize at the Cremona International Music Academy and Competition for Strings in junior category and performed at the winners concert at Museo Del Violino Concert Hall in Cremona Italy, she also gave a solo performance at the 2016 Merkin Concert Hall, Composer Festival in New York City. Festival participation include The Cremona music festival in Cremona, Italy and various music programs include String Fest in Kaufman Music Center, New York City. Apart from devoting her time to violin practice and performances, Rebecca also takes piano lessons, enjoys reading and painting while also maintaining a straight A average in all her classes in school.
Rebecca Beato Violin.jpg

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